We provide a broad range of services to help your business or home computer system operate at peak efficiency.  Among our offerings are:

  • Computer network design - using a server or peer to peer networking depending on your needs.  Server operating system can be Windows or Linux.
  • Website design and development -  Let Hudson Data design, publish and host your website for display on the world wide web - corporate or personal.  You can be located anywhere on the planet to take advantage of this service since all work is accomplished in-house and activated remotely. 

                   Some examples of our work:             

  • Virus removal - We are experts at removing viruses, trojans and other malicious software plaguing your computer causing slow operation or compromised security.  We don't just reinstall your operating system which requires hours or days of wasted time reinstalling programs, data and settings.
  • Data Backup - The most important content on your computer hard drive is your irreplaceable data.  Hard drives do fail eventually so a well thought out backup plan is crucial. Let us design and implement an effective backup solution for you so your precious data will not be lost when drive failure occurs.   
  • Upgrades – Give older computers new life and efficiency with upgrades to various components.  This can be a cost effective way to stay more current allowing your machine to operate in accordance with modern standards in an ever changing industry.
  • Repairs – Revive your broken computer by having necessary hardware and/or software repairs done.  We repair all desktop, server and most notebook computers.
  • Computer operated music server – Hudson data can design and implement a custom system allowing you to stream music transferred from CDs onto your computer to a remote hifi stereo system located in any room of your home.  The power and flexibility of this system would provide for custom play lists, random play of music by genre (i.e. rock, jazz, classical etc.), specific albums, artists and songs.  Nearly anything is possible.  Your entire CD music collection will be at your fingertips.  You will no longer need to flip through and change CDs to locate music you want to listen to from several albums.  Various configurations are possible from using your existing computer to designing a complete turn-key system.  Please call to discuss your needs.