Hudson Data Information

  • Hudson Data has been in business for over 24 years.  The company initially started by serving the computer needs of residential clients and soon expanded to include information technology (IT) needs of small businesses (such as accountant, medical and retail offices) and non-profit organizations.  This segment of the IT market was deemed under served by larger IT outfits interested in bigger, more profitable projects.  Smaller scale IT work is prohibitively expensive for these often family owned, smaller organizations.  Hudson Data’s services fills this niche of the market with affordable, professional and prompt work.

    Will Hudson is the owner of Hudson Data.  His education includes Bachelor of Science degrees in psychology and electrical engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration in finance.  This well rounded educational background gives him a unique perspective on the needs of business and residential clients and how IT can make a significant impact on efficiency and profitability.  His excellent technical abilities as an engineer gives him the expertise to implement effective system design and proper computer repair.